Top 3 Exclusive Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers: To Rid Addiction For Good (My Review)

Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

These addictions to both drugs and alcohol while being a very serious issue.

It is a problem that you can definitely recover from with the aid of the shocking amount of treatment centers that are available in the United States.

These rehabilitation centers offer aid and recovery from drug addiction, alcohol/drinking problems, mental and physical issues, substance abuse treatment etc.

Electrifying research has shown that there are a higher chance of alcohol and drug addiction recovery if addicts employ the services of the numerous drug treatment centers instead of attempting to quit and stay sober at their home residents.

These sensational drug treatment centers offer much-needed aid of withdrawal process medications, guidance, and follow-ups from trained staffs available in these centers as well as moral, emotional and physical support from individual who are going through the same treatment processes.

If you are one of the numerous individuals who is suffering from either drug, alcohol or both addictions and you have a relation who is suffering from these earthshaking addictions.

It would be quite helpful knowing which of the numerous centers to opt in for call 855-397-7681 for a drug treatment center near you.

There are thousands of these electrifying drugs and alcohol addiction and physical rehab centers in the United states that offer rehabilitation therapy and it might be difficult to start exploring your options and coming up with a particular one to enroll in.

This guide covers the top 3 drug rehabilitation centers in the United States and would be particularly helpful in helping you make a decision on which of these centers is the best for you or your relation.

Sierra Tucson

Sierra Tucson is one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that has offered the provision of highly effective treatment services for individuals suffering from both alcohol and drugs addiction.

Sierra Tucson is situated in the delineate Catalina Mountains in Tuscan and the center welcomes residents from the state, out of the state as well as abroad.

Sierra Tucson makes provision of integrated treatment that identifies and resolves the underlying issues with each and every individual enrolled in the center.

The has a homely feel, looking much more like a retreat than an addiction rehab center at first glance with a very relaxing atmosphere that ensures patients get a therapeutic recovery process instead of a rigid, strict medical regime.

The has a homely feel, looking much more like a retreat than an addiction rehab center at first glance with a very relaxing atmosphere that ensures patients get a therapeutic recovery process instead of a rigid, strict medical regime.

The Sierra Tucson facility has since its inception helped over tens of thousands of individuals through their addictive phase as well as through emotional and mental issues.

  • Similar to most top rehab centers, Sierra Tucson employs a 12-step program that has built a reputation of being highly successful.
  • Sierra Tucson center is focused on different disorders and addictions with highly professional staff helping patients deal with their addiction as well as working to resolve the issues that lead to these addictions.
  • The center also focuses on the management of pain which makes for the ease of both withdrawal and recovery processes.

Treatments offered at Sierra Tucson includes massages, acupuncture, equine therapy as well as hydrotherapy. All of which makes patients feel a lot better during their withdrawal process.

Sierra Tucson also offers multiple group therapy sessions as well as fellowship meetings every week, providing added support for patients.

The Caron Foundation

The Caron Foundation is another top drug and alcohol rehabilitation center situated in different states of the United States, having locations in Florida, New York, Bermuda, Princeton, Wernersville, Texas, Boca Raton and Pennsylvania.

  1. The Caron Foundation is one of the two rehabilitation centers that has affiliations with the University of Pennsylvania which helps keep the foundation advanced and up to date on every scientific research as well as treatment practices for drug and alcohol addictions.
  2. The Caron Foundation center has its biggest center located in Wernersville, Pennsylvania (situated on over 110 lush country land acres). This rehab center also employs a 12-step recovery program similar to most top recovery and rehab centers.
  3. However, the Caron Foundation’s core is built on the 12-step principles such that non-denominational services are afforded to patients on Sundays in a bid to encourage the relationship with a higher spiritual power of each individual patient’s choosing and preference.
  4. The Caron Foundation also offers – instead of individual therapy – daily group therapy, although patients still do receive individual therapy weekly to make an assessment of each patient’s recovery progress.
  5. Generally, the clinical programs employed at the Caron Foundation is tailored to each patient’s bespoke needs, with patients receiving and benefiting from top notch effective research evidenced-based practice, cutting edge addiction treatments, cognitive behavior services as well as motivational interviewing.

The Caron Foundation also invite each patient’s families to receive canceling to aid in making them an effective support system for the patient’s recovery continuity. The foundation simply offers the best, top notch facility for effective and therapeutic recovery from drug or/and alcohol addictions.

The Betty Ford Center

The Betty Ford Center tops my list as the top rehabilitation center in the United States. Popularly known as the California celebrity rehabilitation center, the very spacious Betty Ford Center which has offered rehab facilities since 1982 is situated in California at one of the most aesthetic parts of Rancho Mirage.

The rehab center is located in a very serene and cool environment that all but guarantees a therapeutic recovery for patients.

There are plans for the Betty Ford Center merging with another top rehab center i.e. the Hazelden Foundation which would all but make the center a better proposition than it already is.

  • Similar to most top notch rehab centers, the Betty Ford Center is also built on the 12-step programs.
  • Each patient gets the luxury of having his/her own dedicated specialized treatment team which includes a family counselor, physician, a psychiatrist, a nutritionist among other members of a bespoke treatment team.
  • The Betty Ford center involves each and every individual enrolled in the center in an extensive family program with the aim being the education on drug and alcohol addiction and also the building of healthy relationships between family members which would help in creating an efficient support system for patients for a continual recovery process.

The Betty Ford rehab center is not limited to offering bath psychological and physical recovery and healing processes but also gives patients support and guidance needed for spiritual healing and getting in connection with a greater, higher force that would aid in them attaining the goal of life long sobriety.

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